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  1. Не смеши, искал ты, ищется на раз.
  2. Это какой-то позор, что ты лепишь, ты случаем не твинк Себоглора?
  3. Кому как, сварогу может и хватает
  4. Япошки саке жи постоянно наливают
  5. ))
  6. Когда делали фото Карлоса во время примерки ложемента, йода уже потом, с Малышом был, но я думаю, что это разделение может быть внутри, а само отверстие будет одно.
  7. Может быть, нужно понаблюдать.
  8. Ник подозреваемого в студию.
  9. Текст Video Interview with Andreas Seidl in German (held in December). A little summary - he became a F1 fan during the time Schumacher became a thing and thus wanted to one day be in F1, hence why he then studied mechanical engineering and made his first step into F1 via a internship at BMW in 1999 where he helped working in the engine department (then talked a bit about what he did next, but that should be all known) - maximum possible position in 2020 is of course P4 again, but the target is to improve further and get performance-wise between the top teams and the midfield - he thinks McLaren has everything it needs to be succesful in the future - there will be some more adjustments in the near future, but the structure is already good (I assume the recent Stella promotion could be about that) - it's important for him that everybody is at the right position so that they can use their talents to the fullest and that they have fun doing it, he is against a blaming culture and politics too, he thinks McLaren is on a good way in this area too - Seidl was not surprised about Norris' speed (based on his feeder career), he has speed which is most important, and he developed well over the season too (risked more in the 2nd half after he was careful at the beginning at starts) - Sainz was right away a important part of the team, when he gives feedback it would sometimes feel like he is a engineer himself (lol), he is very clear when it comes to the development of the car, and his speed speaks for itself too. - About Sainz/Norris relationship he says that it's important for him to give the freedom necessary to be themselves, but you also need clear rules: t's only important for him that they are aggresive enough once the visor is down and that they concentrate on the important things (like engineer work) during the race weekend. - he describes the drivers as the perfect ambassadors for McLaren - he admits that they failed to go with the recent developments in the last few years and give the pitcrew the best equipment for the pitstops. They will invest for that for 2020. - he thinks the current let them race rules practiced in the 2nd season half are very wishy-washy and he prefers clear rules, but is confident that this will change for the better this year. - 2020 tyres were no improvement, hence why all teams agreed to scrap it. McLaren never had a issue with them in the first place and the action in F1 was good after Mercedes initially dominated the first races. - The back and forth about the tyres had however no real impact on their development of the car though (because Pirelli made the changes way later than usual) - he sees the budget cap as the only way to be sustainably succesful, currently they would have no chance even if they would perform to their absolute best (which they dont) - however he admits that the top 3 does a better job than them regardless of money - in his opinion the budget cap is still too high, because 4-5 teams still wont be able to afford it - from McLaren's perspective, also considering the commitment of the owners, he thinks that they will be using the whole budget however - with the new wind tunel and simulator they should have everything to fight with the top 3, it's all down to them then - he is confident that the rule changes and budget cap will improve F1 massively - he sees no reason why McLaren wouldnt commit to F1 for the future (negotiations are currently running for the details) - new wind tunel (that is not miles away from the factory too) is extremely important because the new rules will put more importance on the aero, but the wind tunel will only be ready for 2022 - Target for 2022/23 (when everyone has settled) is to fight for podiums/wins - he is not worried about Mercedes supposedly not being the benchmark on the engine side anymore, to him it was all factors included the best option, and with having the same engine as the WCC they wont have any excuses - The possibility of Mercedes leaving as a works team played absolutely no role in this decision - McLaren is not considering to have a junior team (like Toro Rosso) in F1 at all - He doesnt think that McLaren needs a satellite team or support from other teams. McLaren will continue to build everything on their own. Then there was also a (lighthearted) quick-fire round at the end -Where would McLaren have finished in 2019 with Alonso? A: I think still at P4. -Where will McLaren finish in 2020? A: I think we will fight again for P4. - That's not an answering the question. A: P4 is the target. Hopefully we are closer to the top 3 lap time-wise. - Will McLaren score a podium on it's own? A: No, not realistic. For that the gap to the top 3 is too big. - Where did you had a bigger budget, Porsche LMP1 or McLaren F1? A: At McLaren - Who was funnier, Sainz or Norris? A: Norris. You can tell that he is a couple of years younger. - Be honest, did either of those two got on your nerves? A: Never! (laughs, and drinks beer which means that he is taking his joker and doesnt want to answer the question lmao) - Who was it? A: That is a internal matter. - Who wins the team battle in 2020, Carlos or Nando? A: (drinks beer again lol) I dont care, I just hope we defend P4 in the WCC. - Which team boss is asking the most questions at the meetings? A: I think the top teams definitely talk the most. - Which team boss annoys you the most? A: (drinks beer) In general I have a lot of respect or every team boss in F1. You shouldnt forget that we are all under big pressure, the sport is very complex.... - Do you think that McLaren can fight with you for the WCC? A. In general this has nothing to do with me or individuals in motor racing, it's always a team effort. But with the new rules, our commitment and the foundations we layed for the upcoming years I'm confident that we can fight for the top in future. - If you had a one-driver-team, which of your two drivers would you take? A: We still got time till then, I would take the better one! - And who would that be right now? A: I'm absolutely happy with both. - Will McLaren get Alonso back to F1? A: I've answered this question quite often. We are very happy with our drivers, what they did this year was sensational. The future of McLaren in F1 belongs to them. - Did you considered Hulkenberg at McLaren? A: Same answer here, we are very happy, so it was never a question. - If Hamilton goes to Ferrari and Vettel has thus no contract he could go to McLaren in 2021? A: Again, same here, it's really no question for us, because we are very happy with Carlos and Lando. I can only repeat it: they showed great performances this year and are young. Hopefully we can give them a quicker car in the future and that we can manage things better as a team, so that they can fight for the top and prove that they are top drivers. - What would you take if you had to pick something for the rest of your life? Formula E or F1? Alcohol free beer or real beer? A: I think I would take F1 in this case. As for beer...I rather drink less beer, but with alcohol!
  10. Похоже только Ферди купился
  11. Карлос хорошо сыграл
  12. Мак 13 февраля.
  13. Даже не соневаюсь, что так и было задумано.