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  1. 11 часов назад, Merry Christmas сказал:

    Фернли умер. Ему было 70 лет.

    почтим память, пусть земля ему будет пухом.

    Только хорошие воспоминания оставил этот человек после себя, в моей памяти. RIP

  2. 8 часов назад, Ильфат сказал:

    Как бы судьба Ки не повторила историю с Сэмом после этого сезона если прогресса не случится. 

    Sam and James.jpg

    А пардоньте, когда вообще Ки что-то годное сварганить успел? На моей памяти был только крепенький Заубер. А потом просто куча пиара на лаврах "ученика Ньюи". 

  3. Я думаю не стоит пока фантазировать о топ 3. Но на фоне очевидных проблем у Макларена можно будет считать успехом, если мы будем первыми из остальных. 

  4. 1 час назад, Parab0lica сказал:

    сегодня др у сотрудника

    где-то я его видел



    Вот Де Ла Росу пускай посадят боевым) Будет в духе камбэка Луки Бадоера)) Зато весело) 

  5. Феттель пусть идет мусор убирает. Для Друговича это шанс, возможно единственный себя показать. Ну и смотреть за его выступлениями явно интереснее чем за Строллом или Феттелем. 

  6. Waterslides!
    But the AM ones seem to converge very fast towards the center of the car from this angle, while the A522B slides are straighter...
    The new undercut style is similar to A522 too, medium length and very outwashy, almost turns at 90°, no wonder they have big floor edge wings in front of them


  7. 28 минут назад, Parab0lica сказал:

    How Lawrence Stroll played the greatest 4D chess against Otmar



    1. It all starts in 2020, and Aston Martin (then Racing Point) get protested by Alpine (then Renault) for their brake pads closely resembling that of the Mercedes AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+. Otmar is RP’s team principal at this point

    2. Aston Martin (RP) are docked 15 championship points for that as a result. Remember Otmar is still TP of the team at this point. This leads to RP losing out on valuable points for them to get their pre-season finishing target.

    3. Lawrence Stroll then goes on his infamous “I am extremely angry” statement.

    4. Aston Martin buy RP for 2021 and quickly it appears that Otmar and Lawrence don’t appear to see eye to eye. The team’s performance appears to have dropped and many think Otmar isn’t happy be micromanaged by Lawrence. So…

    5. Otmar announces his departure to go to…Alpine! It’s all roses on the outside but, secretly inside, you can make out Lawrence is not happy.

    6. They hastily sign Mike Krack to replace Otmar.

    7. Lawrence tries for Alonso in 2021 should Vettel not re-sign but the coup doesn’t work. Vettel stays on for 2021.

    Now fast forward to 2022

    8. It appears Oscar Piastri’s Alpine option expired on July 31st, rendering him a free agent.

    9. Fernando Alonso goes public on August 1st with Aston Martin that they’ve signed a multi-year deal together.

    10. News breaks that Alpine are in a pickle that they cannot simply sign Piastri due to his camp potentially signing a pre-contract with Mclaren

    11. Otmar finds out about Alonso’s departure only via Aston Martin’s press release.

    12. Alpine headed by Otmar Szafnauer now find themselves in a lurch and potentially a legal one too in now trying to reportedly get Piastri back.

    13. Alpine run the risk of now not only losing Alonso, but the guy they wanted to replace him with as well. (As per recent news reports)

    Stroll does his evil laugh having snatched their star driver. His revenge against Otmar has been completed.

    Proper 5D chess there.

    Ну такое) Прям не Стролл а Поносенков) 

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