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  1. Finalmente https://www.instagram.com/enzotrulliofficial/
  2. Это уже прошлый век)
  3. Для Энцо сложились финалы не оч, но всё ещё впереди Мне кажется что он
  4. Энцо продолжает выступать в CAMPIONATO ITALIANO KARTING http://www.acisport.it/public/2017/pdf/CIK/2017_1282Battipaglia//60_Mini,_risultati_completi_60_mini.pdf
  5. Davide Forè: Jarno Trulli was such a great talent! http://tkart.it/en/people/davide-fore-jarno-trulli-great-talent/
  6. Как гром среди ясного неба... :с Эх, если бы у Скудерии хватило ума в своё время посадить Жюля вместе рака в кокпит, всё могло сложиться бы иначе.. Прощай, чемпион, ты навсегда останешься в наших сердцах ..
  7. 80 - Driver Changes and driving time 2/ Minimum and maximum driving time a) Minimum driving time for LM P1, LM P2 and GTE Am: Only for the categories LM P1, LM P2 and GTE Am, a driver must not drive less than 4 hours during the race of the 24 Heures du Mans. Penalties: - Total absence of driving time accomplished by the driver, except for a case of force majeure, described as such by the Panel of Stewards: exclusion of the car. - Non-respect of driving time: the disciplinary action is left to the Stewards discretion and may go as far as the exclusion of the driver or of the car. B) Maximum driving time: for all categories, a driver cannot drive: a/ more than 4 hours within a period of 6 hours, after deduction of the time stopped in the pit; b)/ more than 14 hours in total. Retained driving time: lap to leave, lap to enter the pits (stops deducted). Penalty: exclusion of the car is possible, left to the Stewards discretion. http://www.24h-lemans.com/wpphpFichiers/1/1/ressources/Pdf/2015/24-heures-du-mans/regulations/2015-24-heures-du-mans-supplementary-regulations.pdf
  8. Nissan NISMO ‏@NISMO 2m2 minutes agoLe Mans, Pays de la Loire 22:19. No. 21 in garage for some checks to the clutch & rear suspension..
  9. Server works fine :D Renault Sport F1 @RenaultSportF1 · 11h 11 hours ago ...We ran a similar specification in the dyno and on track for several hundred miles without any issues, so we need to understand why Renault Sport F1 @RenaultSportF1 · 11h 11 hours ago RT: We have dyno tests planned for next week to come back to form in Bahrain.
  10. Даша тут вообще ни с какого боку, просто смешно, что Женя не знает, где живёт =) :blum: