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  1. Dear Shiva, I am late!!! Well, race in Australia was wonderful but I was confirmed in my old idea. In modern F1, only on wet track you could see a nice show!!! So, here is my proposal. Before every race, we have to go on circuit. We need to put water on every corner. For sure, we will have a sunday full of emotions! Waiting for that, let me tell you that tonight Inter won the game against Cska... Thank you!!!
  2. Dear Den, thanks for your friendship and for your questions. About Champions League, I believe it will be a tough challenge for my favourite team. I don't agree with italian journalist. They are sayng that the draw was perfect for Inter, but they forget that now football season in Russia is just started, your players are full of energy and they have nothing to lose, against the squad who broke Chelsea. So, for sure it will be an hard battle. About your country, I have to say I visited Moscow in 1986, so many years ago. I read newspaper and watch tv. A russian girl, a friend of mine, told me that in Russia only a Putin-style government could survive, because in your country it's not possible to have a democracy like in Germany or in the United Kingdom. I don't know if she was right. May be you could explain better the situation to me. For sure, I believe young people in Rissia like to be free: in every part the world I was, freedom (to live, to write, to speak, to work) is the most important thing. If it will be possible for me to come to Moscow for the Champions game, well, I will confront my ideas with reality!!! Ps. But, of course, I like vodka (like Kimi Raikkonen, eh eh eh...
  3. Thanks, my russian friends, for your wishes. I' d like to com to Moscow for Inter game in Champions League. May be, I will be there!!! Thanks again.
  4. Well, for sure Kimi was and is a very private man. During his stage in Italy, he never tried to build a relationship with italian press. But, believe me, I really appreciated it. I don't like drivers whne they are 'politically' strong. In my opinion, a good driver need to be able to win races with the car, no more. So, I just could image Kimi unhappiness for the decision taken by Ferrari. But (this is for another question for me I read on this blog) I was very well paid to stay out of F1. If Kimi decided to run with another team in 2010, Ferrari had to give him less money. And for me it' s funny that Ferrari paid so much money having Kimi on Citroen for WRC!!! About Webber, when he started with Minardi I thought he could be a champion. From my point of view, he wasn't. May be this season...
  5. In Italy, money is always a deep secret. But I believe Santander paid off Kimi seventeen millions of euro. Not so bad, but for sure no one will ever confirm this, in Ferrari or outside Ferrari...
  6. Well my friend, do you know a Bruce Springsteen song ('Tougher than the rest') ? 'Well there will be no secret...' So, it was for Ferrari-Santander-Kimi. When the spanish bank signed the agreement with Ferrari, they decided to wait until 2011 to have Fernando on the red car. We were at the end of 2008. But... In 2009 Ferrari had a very bad car. Someone, in maranello, needed to protect himself. So, someone started to say: oh, it's Kimi's fault if the car is bad and we are not able to work well with the finnish boy, because he dos not like to speak with technicians, we need antoher kind of guy, we need someone like Schumi... At that point, with Santanderready to pay out the contract of Kimi for 2010, the game was over. Sad story, yes. Kimi was perfect when he said that Alonso was the first world champ to use money to buy a place in Ferrari...
  7. Hello, russian friends! I am Leo Turrini. I hope you are happy with my blog, even if I am non able to understand your commentis. On wednesday I will go to Bahrain, for the first Grand Prix of the season. May be Petrov will give me some emotions! Bye and thanks again for your friendship!
  8. Hello, I am Leo Turrini. I write in eglish because I don't know your language but I am very happy you coul read my blog in russian! I hope I will be able to send this messagge!!! I wait for you on my blog, in Italy, on www.quotidiano.net Bye!